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Genesis – No Son of Mine

In songs on June 23, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Few personalities have attracted more scorn in the music world than one Philip Collins. This has occasionally been justified. I am, however, an unrepentant fan of his melodic sensibilities, instrumental badassery, and occasionally his lyrics, particularly his work with the oft-maligned Genesis.

This song is from the last album he ever did with Genesis, back in 1991. The lyrics have quite a bit of bite to them, which is enhanced by the atmosphere of the arrangement. It’s a story song, which they didn’t tend to do very much late in their career. The subject matter is risky, but they pull it off exceedingly well in my opinion. Strong melodies, dramatic arrangement, emotive performances, a good snapshot of a band with its powers intact.

Did Genesis produce some bad tunes over the years? Absolutely. Anyone with a career that long will miss pitches. But throwing the bathtub out with the baby makes no sense. If something is good, it really doesn’t matter who made it. Hearing McCartney’s Biker Like An Icon doesn’t make me throw out my Beatles records.

Sit back, forget all you know about Mr. Sussudio, and just listen to this tune.

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