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Hindu Love Gods – Raspberry Beret

In songs on June 28, 2011 at 11:04 am

Sometimes collaboration can be a key component of creativity. Today I present an excellent example, which is something of a musical menage a trois.

In 1990, two acts going in different directions got together to form Hindu Love Gods, a short-lived combo featuring Warren Zevon (on his way down in the charts) and 3/4ths of R.E.M. (on their way to megastardom, and having recently appeared on Zevon’s Sentimental Hygiene album). The resulting album is an interesting collision of styles, but it produced one piece of certified magic, in the form of the attached tune, a cover of a tune penned by none other than Prince.

This is the sort of thing that threatens to not make any sense, but in a weird way it does. Four people happened to see the same thing when they looked at a particular piece of music. It didn’t happen again, but creativity is often like that. Human lives and experience are constantly in motion, and the view changes so often that it’s good to take occasional snapshots and compare them with those others have taken. If you’re lucky, they sometimes match up.
  1. Holy crap, who would’ve thought this would work? And yet it does.

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