Daily Song Study

Sheryl Crow – Members Only

In songs on July 6, 2011 at 7:05 pm

In my experience, there exists no known link between popularity and quality. And yet some things which are good also become popular from time to time. Sheryl Crow is someone who has figured out how to sneak really interesting lyrics into very basic, accessible songs. She has admitted that she frequently writes brainless choruses so that she can fill the verses with all the subversive, oddball stuff that sets her apart from many Top-40 contemporaries. It’s a good trick.

However, sometimes she just lets fly with the snark, as in today’s tune, a commentary on a random cast of characters who often require no more than a couple of lines of description to appear vividly in the listener’s brain. Another good trick.
  1. […] noteworthy in that its chorus has one actual word and a bunch of “whoa”s. Artists like Sheryl Crow have had success with the approach of putting the lyrical meat in the verses and letting the […]

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