Daily Song Study

The Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died

In songs on July 27, 2011 at 3:37 pm

One of the best songwriting tricks is to write a sad song that people can dance to. This is one of the better examples, from one of my favorite rock periods, 1980.

Carroll mixes city grit with comradeship, sadness with frustration, and humor with respect. A good trick in and of itself.

  1. Our of nowhere i’ve been humming this for 2 days. Really, out of nowhere. Haven’t even thought of this song in years. And now suddenly you post it. It’s proof of… something.

  2. Maybe one of us is on our way out. Hopefully it’s not because our gimmicks went rotten.

  3. The jagged edges of the music. The shear poetry of facts that need no rhymes. this has been one of my go to songs for quite awhile.Theres a brash pop power to it with no apologies.

  4. It does rhyme, though, in a similar vein to early rap, which was beginning at that time as well. And like rap, it was born right from the city streets.

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