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Doug Kwartler – Suzanne

In songs on August 8, 2011 at 10:44 am

One of the most fortuitous discoveries of my life was a Craigslist ad I found in 2004. It was asking for a bass player to fill in at a gig in Greenwich Village. Upon answering it, I met Doug Kwartler, a damned good songwriter out in Floral Park, through whom I got connected to the Long Island music scene.

Personally, I found that community much richer in talent than the one in NYC proper, and Doug was among the leading reasons why. I played some bass for him, he played some bass for me, and he appeared as one of the interviewees on my second album.

This track, from his 2007 album All Sides highlights his gift for melody and lyricism, not to mention arrangement and vocal delivery.  It’s harder than it seems to create a simple and memorable melody.

  1. […] I’ve previously mentioned my time exploring some of the Long Island music scene around 2004-20…, and one of the better discoveries I made there was an extremely talented songwriter named John-Flor Sisante. Though most of his best tunes have yet to be released (prod, prod…), today’s study is easily among the best from his debut album The Music of Things. […]

  2. […] I’ve mentioned my time in Long Island with Doug Kwartler before, and here’s another of his impeccable melodies. […]

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