Daily Song Study

Jeffrey Gaines – Hero In Me

In songs on September 9, 2011 at 11:35 am

Yesterday I mentioned the brief pop songwriting renaissance of the early ’90s, a phenomenon that few noticed. One of the chief reasons I noticed was because of the Chrysalis record label, which at the time had a penchant for finding new and unique talents. If their stamp was on the album, it was a good bet that the tunes were good.

Proof of this was the 1992 debut of Jeffrey Gaines, someone now mostly known for his soulful covers of other people’s tunes. But as evidenced by today’s example, he has plenty of his own songwriting chops. This song mixes despair and hope in rare proportions, both in the composition and delivery.

This is one of the records that made me think I should write songs, and I found out quickly that it’s harder than I’d imagined. Using an intricately structured tune like this as a gauge for quality, however, is a good way to avoid mediocrity.

  1. […] that in years past, a record label logo could sometimes be a mark of quality assurance (as with the aforementioned Chrysalis). Dallas had its own quality mark in the late ’80s and early ’90s in the form of Carpe […]

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