Daily Song Study

Sinead O’Connor – Chiquitita

In songs on September 14, 2011 at 8:39 am

I’ve long been a fan of Sinead O’Connor for a variety of very good reasons one could pick from (emotive voice, creative arrangements, unimpeachable individualism), but the one that probably keeps me coming back is unpredictability. Like me, she has a problem with marketing, in that she never likes to do the same thing twice. To my ears, this is a selling point, even though to most it is a liability.

One of the ways she keeps listeners on their toes is by choosing her covers from way out in left field, as in today’s example. No one would guess that the author of angsty, moody tunes like I Am Stretched On Your Grave and Drink Before the War would decide to record a cheesy latin-esque Abba tune. Yet she not only does so, but makes it her own.

It may not keep her on the charts, but it definitely keeps her diehard fans happy.


What are your thoughts?

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