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R.E.M. – Fall On Me

In songs on September 22, 2011 at 1:28 pm

Yesterday, one of the most influential bands in my lifetime announced they were breaking up. I myself would argue that R.E.M.’s breakup happened 14 years ago when drummer Bill Berry left for health reasons. Their music hasn’t been the same since, although even prior to his departure it was getting a bit shaky.

Today’s tune is interesting, because it highlights so many of the things that the band stopped doing around the time of Berry’s exit: Alternating vocal lines, catchy melodies, sparkling guitar arrangements, and lyrics dealing with pressing issues. It showcases a compendium of hard-learned tricks that for some reason the group abandoned halfway through their career. Perplexing, but that’s a word often associated with this band.

RIP, R.E.M. Half a career of badassery is nothing to sneeze at.

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  2. […] spoken here before about controlled chaos, and at their best, R.E.M. were excellent at the […]

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