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Domestic Science Club – Kayaking

In songs on October 4, 2011 at 8:30 am

In 1993, my friend Robert Wright and I became devotees of the then-local Sara Hickman. Barring late shifts at the Sound Warehouse record store where we both worked, we would go to pretty much every show of hers in the DFW area, something that happened several times per month.

Around that same time, Sara began working with local singers Patty Lege and Robin Macy (an original Dixie Chick, removed for the unforgivable crime of showing her age), and the trio formed a project called Domestic Science Club. Drawing their approach from the singing girl groups of the 1930s and ’40s, they put together a self-titled album which came out in 1994. It’s an impressive feat, to write songs that have a modern lyrical sensibility, and yet wouldn’t sound out of place in pre-WWII America.

Many’s the time that DSC would open for Sara, and vice versa. Good times, and good tunes.

  1. […] A few weeks ago I mentioned my period as an apostle of Sara Hickman. Though mostly a local celebrity these days, back then there were quite a few signs that she might break nationally. Not least of these was her getting signed by Elektra records to make her second album, Shortstop. That album didn’t sell as well as the label would have liked, and upon completing her third album, Necessary Angels, Elektra got nervous when it didn’t hear anything “Alternative” (the buzzword of the time), and decided to scrap it and her. […]

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