Daily Song Study

Allison Weiss – Why Bother

In songs on October 6, 2011 at 12:44 pm

A common slur against young songwriters is that they’re simply putting diary entries to music. I actually don’t see a problem with this. If one of the purposes of writing is to capture a feeling at a moment in time, what better source than in a document of a particular day and feeling?

One of the rising talents in this confessional style is Allison Weiss. Though she couldn’t be described as a great singer, she does deliver her unique tunes with an honesty that is endearing, and the songs themselves put those feelings into very concise and singable form. Which is a pretty good goal for a songwriter.

  1. Great. The intimacy of the production and her conversational style sells it. I also love the squeaks of the acoustic guitar.

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