Daily Song Study

Ween – Cold Blows the Wind

In songs on October 7, 2011 at 1:28 pm

One of the oddest groups ever to emerge from anywhere for any reason is Ween. A duo made of two prodigiously talented musicians who perform under the names Dean & Gene Ween, they crash through genres like a bull in a china shop, yet showing remarkable mastery of every style they try on for size. While in many ways a novelty act, their songs are so well done that one must take them seriously nonetheless.

Today’s tune is their interpretation of an old English folk song, usually known as The Unquiet Grave. Bringing a 20th-century approach to a song dating back at least 500 years prior is no small task, and here they kick its ass with a weirdness that makes it even creepier than if they had done it straight.

  1. Killer. Ween is insanely consistently awesome in their inconsistency.

  2. Sweet – thanks for making me take a minute to enjoy the song and the post. Genes voice sounds great on this recording.

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