Daily Song Study

Mocha Lab – My Dream Of You

In songs on October 11, 2011 at 11:39 am

It’s nice to get inspiration wherever you can find it, but it can be particularly inspiring when it comes from someone you know. Paul Shapera, the man who calls himself Mocha Lab, is a frequent collaborator of mine, and never fails to surprise with his own work, which varies in style from album to album.

In 2007, he attempted a latin/jazz/electronic experiment with vocalist Milena Jelic, and was rewarded richly.

I particularly like the alternate melody line sung behind the main vocal. I’m a big fan of mixing melodies, and this does that in such a smooth way that it’s felt more than heard.

Trying on different musical hats is a great way to discover hidden talents and uncover songs which might have remained unwritten if not for taking a walk down murky paths where you’re not quite sure what’s ahead. The search itself is sometimes the reward.

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