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K’s Choice – Not An Addict

In songs on October 13, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Predictably, the early-90s explosion of grunge spawned a second wave of imitators. Even more predictably, these new bands tended to skew more radio-friendly, as major labels sought to make sales a certainty rather than a fluke. Historically, when this period of the cycle hits, quality goes down as inventiveness is squashed in favor of mass marketability. However, there are always exceptions; artists who come up with something interesting while working within their restraints.

K’s Choice was one such band, briefly shining in the space between slacker rock and power balladry, exemplified in this hit from 1996. The hook belongs to the ’80s, but the arrangement and subject matter are done up in flannel and unwashed hair. In this case, the combination works.

Good things can come out of bad situations, and books cannot always be judged by their covers. Excellent songs have been born from less-than-artistic motives, and in the end, it’s the musical result that matters.

  1. […] As discussed earlier, sometimes a song’s eventual arrangement can be driven by the forces prevalent at its release. For instance, this is a country song: […]

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