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So It Goes – Fearless

In songs on October 24, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Few other bands have gone through as many metamorphoses as Pink Floyd. Listening to their first and last albums, you might not be able to tell it was the same band. Today’s tune comes from a period closer to the beginning, but still quite different from the overtly psychedelic approach they started with.

Interestingly, the track I’ve attached isn’t Pink Floyd’s performance of the tune. It’s my favorite version, done by my late friend Jason Jackson & my longtime drummer Jeff Simms, who at the time were working as a duo called So It Goes. Their interpretation doesn’t stray far from the original, but they added a lushness that really brings the song to its full potential, in my humble and likely biased opinion.

Note the subtle changes between the two choruses, and how they interact thematically. Definitely a sign of greater things to come.

(P.S: You can download this version–released under a slightly different band name–for free HERE…)

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