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Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks – On the Blank Generation (The Cake Song)

In songs on November 16, 2011 at 9:39 am

I’ve spoken here before about my musical godfather Mr. Melody, and it seems appropriate in these times to highlight another of his neo-cabaret masterpieces.

Written during yet another era of American Marie Antoinetteism, the Bush I years, here we have a perfect postcard from atop the ivory tower. The lyrics are worth quoting at length:

Greetings from the Promised Land
Welcome, chosen few
Anything for Everyman
I know what let’s do

Let’s say the clouds all go away
Let’s say today’s a holiday
The mirror broke into a million magazines
How do you like my hair?
Let’s stretch this fifteen minutes out
Let’s call this whimper here a shout
Let’s give the beggars some delicious recipes
And let them eat cake

Milk and honey everywhere
Wishing you were here
Have enclosed a drop or two
As a souvenir

Let’s say the skies are always blue
Let’s say that wishes do come true
A magic mirror spawned a million magazines
How do you like my hair?
Let’s make our quarter hour shine
Let’s toss a pearl toward the swine
Let’s send the peasants some attractive napkin rings
And let them eat cake

Squeaky wheels always seem to get
More than their share of grease these days
That’s why it all equals out
See how it all equals out?
So what the hell’s there to squeak about?

Let’s say the rainbow has been cleared
Let’s say that Kansas disappeared
Who needs  a mirror in a land of magazines
How do you like my hair?
Let’s take our fifteen minute stance
Let’s sing about the Queen of France
Let’s treat the masses to imported charity
A crust of bread?
Try this instead
We’ll let you eat cake


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