Daily Song Study

Dark Dark Dark – Flood

In songs on November 29, 2011 at 9:14 am

Despite my usual belief that a good song is often one that can be covered by others, I give a lot of credit to people who come up with something that’s difficult to recreate. This is certainly the case with Dark Dark Dark, a chamber-folk experiment that seems to be working commercially despite its brazen weirdness.

Though the song itself is well-crafted, much of the initial hook is the mere presence of singer Nona Invie, a startlingly unique vocalist who makes up in bravado what she may lack in polish. Mixing that sound with a wide variety of instruments and other voices, it can honestly be said that there are things they sound like, but nothing sounds quite like them. A worthy goal.

  1. Wow. Great cabaret feel. GREAT. Love the feel.

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