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BE – The Corporal’s Daughter

In songs on December 8, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Earlier I mentioned my time at online retailer w3cd.com, one of the most unique places I’ve ever worked. One reason was because of the phenomenal musicians who comprised the staff. Singer Talley Summerlin was among them. With his brothers and a childhood friend, he had been fronting a band in Arkansas called BE for a decade or so before I met him in ’99 and became a huge fan, going so far as to write a piece on them for the FW Weekly in 2000.

Drawing from such disparate influences as Rush and XTC, BE were phenomenal live, but that essence was never quite captured until the release of Thistupidream, easily one of the best independent albums of 2001. The fact that they recorded the whole thing at home on a small hard disk recorder was quite impressive for the time and definitely set wheels into motion for me on that front.

The hook in today’s tune from that album is partly instrumental and partly vocal. The lyrics also draw the listener in, presenting the story in evocative language that sets it apart from other boy-meets-girl tales. The natural blending of Talley & Mark Summerlin’s voices certainly doesn’t hurt.

BE may have moved on (Talley continues to write and perform, and two of the other Summerlin boys are now in Seal‘s live band), but I’m glad they made this record first. Sometimes creative partnerships have time limits, but the fact that they ended does not constitute failure. What was made needed to be made by those people at that time, and thank goodness for recording technology to make sure that those moments are preserved in amber for future listeners.

  1. LOVED this song. Great chords and hook. I definitely see the XTC influence.

  2. […] (AKA The Matthew Show) wrote about us on his popular songwriting site, Daily Song Study. He did a piece on “The Corporal’s Daughter” from our album Thistupidream. BE is in great company on that site so I am grateful to have been […]

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