Daily Song Study

John Mellencamp – Save Some Time to Dream

In songs on December 19, 2011 at 7:42 pm

Though I have enjoyed some of his tunes over the years, I’ve never really considered myself a real Mellencamp fan. That said, it’s always been obvious that the man has gifts, and the album he put out last year with T-Bone Burnett (my hero) showcases them right upside your head, most notably on today’s tune.

This is the modest-but-wise Mellencamp, the one who knows the olden country music tradition of giving advice while knowing full well that the giver is not himself a shining example. Humility in the face of time, something that often goes lacking in message-based tunes. Answers followed by more questions. It’s good songwriting, but maybe also good living.


What are your thoughts?

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