Daily Song Study

Eisley – I Wish

In songs on January 11, 2012 at 10:16 am

When we talk about songwriting and arranging, often we are referring to two separate processes. However, there are writers who do both at the same time, and Eisley has two of those in the form of Stacy and Sherri DuPree.

While I am a big fan of theirs, I have never figured out how on earth I could ever cover one of their tunes. The arrangement is the song, and it centers around the interplay of those voices with the band’s signature aural backdrop.

In this case, there is the repeating refrain that upon closer examination is simply a doubled harmony part, but ends up being the defining piece of the structure. The tom-heavy verse gives space for the split vocal between the two DuPrees, bringing us into the rich chorus. Eisley has a habit of creating bridges that are odd assortments of vocal nonsense that somehow work, and it works again here, bringing us back to that refrain and into the closing chorus.

It is likely that a band like this has a very different writing process than most songwriters, in that they are creating pieces very specifically to be played by a given set of musicians. I must admit a bit of envy on that front, but then, as always when it comes to writing, vive la différence.


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