Daily Song Study


As a professional songwriter and amateur music historian (not to mention former record store employee, radio DJ, and booking rep), a large percentage of the conversations I’ve had over the last two decades have been about songs.

I’ve established this site as a place to have a wider discussion about certain tunes which catch my ear, and which I believe are worthy of study by both songwriters and music fans.

My tastes are my own, and having a very strong belief in the ultimate subjectivity of music appreciation, I have no illusions that everyone (or anyone) will agree with my opinions. I will omit certain songwriters’ work because they don’t really speak to me. If you believe this constitutes a moral failing, you may not be happy here. This is not a place to prove one’s aesthetic superiority (mine or anyone else’s), but rather a venue in which we can listen to, think about, and discuss a given piece of music.

While certainly this site falls under the heading of “music criticism,” I’m really not interested in impugning artists I don’t like. Everything I post here is something that I feel has value. No hit pieces, no pointing and laughing at the old farts or the kids these days. That sort of intellectual laziness has far too much currency in our media landscape, and I hope to offer this site as an antidote.

Now, let’s listen…

  1. So, it looks like a while since you posted… still interested in chasing after beautiful things?

  2. Decided to start spending more time creating than studying. For now, anyway.

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